About me…

    For Aaron, the pursuit of art came at a very young age; “I’ve wanted to be a artist sense my mother got a job at a art gallery when I was just 5”. At age 13 he began to haunt the few tattoo shops around town where he grew up. “When I realized what could be done with a tattoo needle I thought:”How cool is that”. In 1991 Aaron moved to Maine Where he continued his interest in other mediums like, oil painting, pastels, and color pencils. While living in Portland, he continued learning more, and become more inspired about tattooing from the local artists and studios in the area; Also traveling to many conventions around the country.
   In 1996 Aaron opened a small tattoo studio in the old port area of Portland Me. called alternative placements. He resided there for 3 years, and in Nov. of 1999, he moved back to his native state of Colorado. Over the next 4 years, Aaron found a home at millennium Gallery. The busy street shop gave a huge opportunity for expanding technique, and mechanical knowledge of tattooing. In 2004 He made his way to south Denver, To work at Phantom 8 studios. “That shop for me was a really great opportunity to expand as a artist”.
   After leaving in 2009, Aaron has been traveling around various parts of the country; Tattooing clients, and visiting other shops as a guest, learning more about tattooing every chance he gets. In 2014 Aaron came back to Maine, which he considers a second home, to settle down, and apply the things he’s learned about his art, and tattooing over the last 20 years.